pick nick        


M.Y. walks through N.M.

pick nick became intrigued with the prospect of meeting and talking with Maro Yiakoumi,  a former architectural designer working with Neoptolemos Michaelides. Crucial in the realization of the architect's oeuvre, we were fascinated by the idea of 'following" in short time the narrative as retold by this woman, decades after her lifetime experience. As she says, “...until the very end of Neoptolemos Michaelides’ life, when the office finally closed, Anneta the typist, young Androula from Karavas, and I, were the last to leave the office behind us”.  

Interested in processes of (de)constructing narrative and memory, in what one chooses to 'recite', to 'keep back' or  'enhance', our approach involves a practice of reciprocating by actively listening and reconstructing the conversation, which occurred on the 15th of November, 2014 in Pera Pedi, Limassol.