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The one(s) I love 

The one(s) I love was initiated as an act in support* of the first Cyprus Pride that took place in May 2014. This was an interactive intervention which engaged people in signing a sort of offline petition by writing the name of the one(s) they love rather than their own names.

What started as an act of solidarity developed into an ongoing process of unprompted, instantaneous interventions in various settings of everyday life: supermarkets, parking lots, university campuses, work spaces, banks,  museums, etc. Asking someone to pause and write the name of their beloved one(s) can, perhaps, bring out a moment of release in order to unveil moving tensions between daily routines and affectionate worlds. And in this spur of the moment, an opportunity to recall a greater record of everyday life is, hopefully, set in motion.

* Launched in the framework of Someone Has to Do This, an open network of artists, researchers and activists, Cyprus, 2014.