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Wild Greens
in collaboration with Charalambos Christodoulou

Wild Greens started as a one-time event/activity in Nicosia, hosted and commissioned by The U-A-W? Project, International Workshop and Exhibition about Chrono-urbanism. A casual 40-minute walk through a path of a gentrified part of Nicosia, guided by a professional botanist, Charalambos Christodoulou, who addresses those greens that are normally sidelined since they aren’t considered part of the landscape’s “planning”. Emphasis is placed on the social and cultural aspects of the life and history of plants/trees/flowers, etc, and on how the inhabitants in this tour respond to them, or not.

Interested in this kind of zooming into details while walking in the street, the idea is about reclaiming the street by presenting types of existing lives, which silently but actively take part in the natural, social and cultural history of the city. The tour walked amidst these different kinds of urban layers, encouraged inhabitants to engage with the botanist in different ways.

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